When to Go Stargazing at Lake Powell

The beautiful Lake Powell, located on the border of southern Utah and northern Arizona, is a reservoir of the Colorado River in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This picturesque body of water is known for its beautiful desert location surrounded by red rock and the many opportunities for outdoor recreation it provides.

Lake Powell is also one of the best possible locations to go stargazing. The lake is located far away from any cities, meaning light pollution is low and you’ll see the stars shining more brightly than you ever have before. On a clear night, up to 15,000 stars can be seen in the sky at once over Lake Powell.

If you’re camping near Lake Powell and hoping to see the incredible Milky Way for yourself, make sure to follow these tips for the best possible experience.

Best Time of Year

While the stars are out all year round, the Milky Way is at its most visible during the summer months, and the spread known as the Galactic Core shines from March through November. However, earlier sunsets in winter mean you won’t have to stay up as late to see the stars then.

Best Time of Month

If possible, try to time your stargazing for the three nights before and after the new moon, as the limited light shining from the moon will make for a darker night– and therefore brighter stars.

Best Time of Night

The Milky Way usually becomes visible about an hour to an hour and a half after sunset. This means that while camping at Lake Powell in Page, Arizona, in the summer months, you’ll want to start looking up around 10 p.m. The stars will become brighter the later (and darker) the night gets, so don’t be afraid to go to bed late!

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