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When You Love What You Do, You Don’t Work A Day in Your Life!

A Fishing Family

We are a family with over 30 years of fishing and boating experience. We took our love of Lake Powell and the relaxation that fishing brings and made it our goal to share it with others. It has been an honor to build a family business on Lake Powell.

Our Captain, Jesse, is one of the most experienced captains around. He is a U.S. Coast Guard Accredited, Arizona-licensed Fishing Guide, and a Certified Guide for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

We love Lake Powell and want to help you enjoy it as much as we do. It’s our privilege to provide excellent service, exclusive trips, and amazing experiences to you while at the lake. Feel free to call or check in with us if you are searching for advice or want to book a trip for one of our guided fishing services and photography workshops. We’re always happy to help you plan a memorable outing to Lake Powell!


Meet The Family

Jesse Romrell

Jesse Romrell is the Co-Founder of Lake Powell Guide Services LLC, which is an outdoor guided adventure company operated in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, on Lake Powell. Sharing the excitement and joy of experiencing outdoor adventures for the first time is his passion. From catching a first fish to seeing the sunrise rise from a lake side camp at early dawn, Jesse is dedicated to promoting the great outdoors.

His credentials include:

- U.S. Coast Guard Accredited Captain

- Arizona-licensed Fishing Guide

- Certified Guide for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

- Wilderness First Responder Certified

- Fabrication Shop Manage, managed and trained new employees

Before devoting his work full time to Lake Powell Guide Services, Jesse ran big game hunts for world class Elk at the Escalante Ranch in Northeastern Utah, guided waterfowl hunts across the American West, as well as, he is a world class duck caller, and retired bull rider and rodeo bull fighter. Jesse’s enjoys other outdoor adventures include, rock climbing, snowmobiling, camping, and ice fishing.

He has guided all types of clients from high profile US Congress Senators, NFL football players, to Iron Workers, Batcheler parties and the family next door. It does not stop there Jesse has also done multiple media productions, from safely guiding Instagram photo shoots to being featured on At Your Leisure Utah at Lake Powell to name a few.

Jesse’s passion for the almost 2000 miles of Lake Powell waterfront comes from a lifetime of growing up on and exploring the waters of Lake Powell. That time has been dedicated to fishing, while being available for camping, hiking, and scouting out the big game that lives on its shores. Having the opportunity for a new adventure or experience on Lake Powell drives his passion for adventure and share to that passion with his guest through Lake Powell Guide Services.

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Alyssia Romrell

Alyssia Romrell is the Co-Founder of Lake Powell Guide Services LLC, which is an outdoor guided adventure company operating in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, on Lake Powell. A fourth generation Montana Native who grew up in a resort town at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, Alyssia thrives on supporting and serving those seeking an adventure.

Her small-town hospitality has made her successful in serving the needs of her clients. In addition to running the business side of Lake Powell Guide Services, Alyssia is a full-time Massage Therapist at Amangiri Resort, in Southern Utah.

Always adulting at a high level, her qualifications include:

Fulltime adventure mom to five kids; coordinating hiking, camping, fishing, and back packing trips for school holidays and weekends. While overseeing the successful education and raising to adulthood of her kids.

When leaving the corporate world Alyssia took with her a vast list of business skills including leading and motivating team members, office management, human resources, scheduling, inventory management, and sales.

The outdoors is a special place for Alyssia where she enjoys, boating, camping, fishing, hiking, and rock climbing.

Alyssia first experienced Lake Powell on a Thanksgiving camping and fishing trip with her then fiancé, Jesse Romrell, (Co-Founder of Lake Powell Guide Services.) Having never seen the high desert or Lake Powell, Jesse wooed her with the perfect camping location on the shores of the most visually spectacular lake that it was truly awe inspiring, and the idea for Lake Powell Guide Services was conceived.

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Jeramiah Romrell

A master bait maker, Jeramiah Romrell has spent his life fishing with his dad every chance he can. From backpacking into a mountain lake to catch the Grayling spawn in Montana or trekking across the ice for a weekend of ice fishing at Strawberry, Jeramiah is all in for any fishing adventure.

His favorite type of fishing is for Small Mouth Bass at Lake Powell. It is not uncommon for him to get up at 4:00AM to make sure he is the first on the lake to cast his line and get that early morning bite.

Jeramiah is the #1 deck hand for Lake Powell Guide Service. His skills at prepping gear, tying line, and backing up a truck and trailer are pro. The behind-the-scenes guy who is a vital part of keeping the lines tight for fellow anglers.

At the age of fourteen he started his own bait making company. Jeramiah spends his free time crafting handmade fishing lures in his shop. Some of his custom lures make it to the lineup for Lake Powell Guide Services as terminal tackle used on guided trips.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Lake Powell Guide Services First Mate!

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Cameron Knudsen

Cameron Knudsen started ISO Photography Training form a deep love of photography and a desire to share that passion with the world. He was introduced to photography at the age of 10 on a weekend trip to Yellowstone with his grandparents. It was on that weekend that Cameron first held a camera and was free to take hundreds of photos as they explored. A few weeks later when all the rolls of film had been developed, they realized, to everyone’s surprise, the photos were really quite good.

Nine years later Cameron was on active duty in the military living overseas. As he began to travel and explore Europe his camera was always with him. The more photos he took the more he wanted to learn. Soon Cameron was buying every book he could find to learn new skills. Before long, word got around that he took photos, and he began taking family portraits for other service men and woman and their families. Eventually, he moved to Japan where he ended up working for the base photographing military events, and on occasion, documenting disaster relief efforts after earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons.

Fast forward another 10 years to when his service with the military was complete and Cameron needed to make the decision of what to do with his life. The choice was clear. He wanted to follow photography to whatever adventure it would take him on. He decided to go to school and get a bachelor's degree in Photography and expand his knowledge and skills even further.

Cameron’s professional experience includes:

Owner/Operator of Timeless Moments Photography, from family photos to weddings

Product photography: Rocky Mountain ATV, photographing everything in their line up from ATV’s to Apparel including the coordination with models for the shots on location. Walker Eddison, photographing their product line-up in custom interior designs.

Real-estate photography

Cameron teaches photography at Utah Valley University and ISO Photography

That bring us too now. After a couple years in the corporate sector Cameron was ready to move back to focusing on his passion. Photography is not just a job or a hobby for Cameron but, it is his happy place, therapy, and way to reconnect with nature and reset. Photography has brought much joy into his life, and it is time to give back to the photography world and share the knowledge he has gained over the years.

Cameron’s additional credentials include:

- U.S. Coast Guard Accredited Captain

- Wilderness First Responder Certified

- Advanced Open Water Scuba Certification

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