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At Lake Powell Guide Services, we are committed to delivering exceptional outdoor adventures, and we can’t wait to share one of our guided trips or workshops with you.

2023 Season Fishing & Spa Houseboat Packages

Camping Trip

3 days/2 nights

See the highlights of Lake Powell with our guided camping trip. We’ll take you through some of Lake Powell’s winding canyons during the day and set up camp in stunning locations for the night. Trips accommodate up to 6 people.

Guided Fishing

4-5 hr | $680

Want to spend some time fishing on the lake but don’t have all day? We’ve got you covered with our half-day guided game fishing trip. Take 1–4 anglers out on the lake for a half-day of fishing on Lake Powell. Trips accommodate up to 6 people.

Guided Fishing

8-9 hr | $1,360

This guided game fishing trip takes 1–4 anglers for a full day of fishing out on Lake Powell. Our experienced Captain will guide you through the best places to fish on the lake. Trips accommodate up to 6 people.

Catch & Cook

8-10 hr | $1,550

Catch & Cook Guided Fishing on Lake Powell: 1-4 anglers out on the lake for a full day with our professional fishing guide (8-10 hours). He will get you on the fish! You will be able to cook up some fresh fish tacos and enjoy your catch right on the boat. This is a great experience for those who want to eat what they catch but are traveling. Great pictures, fishing, and fish tacos make it the best day ever on Lake Powell!

All fishing gear, tackle, life jackets and taco supplies provided (you will catch the fish). Additional anglers can be added for an additional fee, limit 6 per guided trip. All anglers will need a valid fishing license before your trip, this can be done at

Photography Workshop

4-5 hr | $680

Lake Powell is scenic and mesmerizing, making it the perfect place for a photography session. Capture the beauty of the lake with our half-day photography workshop where you’ll learn how to take breathtaking photos. This trip is for 1-4 photo enthusiasts, but can accommodate up to 6.

Photography Workshop

8-9 hr | $1,360

A beautiful day on the lake is even better when you can look back on it later. Our on-the-water photography workshop gives you the chance to take incredible pictures you can’t get anywhere else. This trip is for 1-4 photo enthusiasts, but can accommodate up to 6.

Desert Big Horn Sheep Camp

7 days/6 nights

We provide you with a camp in Desert Big Horn Sheep country on the Navajo Nation. Your camp site will provide the perfect haven for those seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience. Our base camp is strategically scouted and placed in Desert Big Horn Sheep country, surrounded by untouched landscapes, teeming with wildlife.  Surround yourself in rustic luxury with our thoughtfully designed accommodations that also include tents, and communal shared camp fire. Base camp blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings, offering a cozy retreat after a day of adventure. Each accommodation is equipped with modern amenities including hot showers, Wi-Fi, and luxury camp sleeping, ensuring a comfortable yet exhilarating experience.  Share stories, forge new friendships, and relive the day’s adventures around a crackling campfire. Our gathering space provides the perfect backdrop for camaraderie, where you can swap tales, discuss strategies, and connect over their shared passion for the great outdoors. Join us for an unparalleled experience, where the thrill of the outdoors meets the comfort of a well-appointed retreat. Immerse yourself in the essence of the wilderness, and let the adventure begin! This trip is only offered October 1st- December 31st,  we can accommodate up to six people.

Our state-of-the-art boats include all the latest and greatest fishing gear and equipment to make your trip a high-end experience at an affordable price.

At Lake Powell Guide Services, we provide trips and excursions all day, every day of the year. Whether you have the whole day to spend or just a few short hours, you can enjoy one of our fishing trips. We’ll take you over the lake, through Glen Canyon, and even clean and prepare the fish that you catch!

All trips start at sunrise. All fishing gear, tackle, and life jackets are provided. Additional anglers can be added for an additional fee, limit of 6 per guided trip. You will need to have a valid fishing license before your trip, which can be done using the below links:

Utah Fishing License

Arizona Fishing License

What to bring with you on your trip

We want you to enjoy your day out on the water as much as you can, but forgetting to take something with you is one of the quickest ways to make your fishing trip less enjoyable. With our 30 years of experience, we’ve picked up on what it takes to make a fishing trip on Lake Powell a great experience. We’ve created a list of what you’ll want to bring with you to make sure that you can focus on having fun while you’re on the lake:


Valid Utah or Arizona fishing license (required for fishing)

bottle and a glass

Sunscreen & lip balm


Appropriate clothing for the season


Swimsuit and towel if you want to swim in Lake Powell


Phone & camera



Please note that there is very limited cell phone service on Lake Powell. Make sure to set your phone to either Arizona Time or Mountain Standard Time, or else your phone will jump between the two at Lake Powell—we don’t want you to be late for your adventure. Your Captain will have a marine radio for communication if needed.

men showing their fish catch

What to expect on the
day of your trip

For fishing trips, make sure that you have your fishing license before you arrive at the lake. You will meet us at Antelope Point Marina at Sunrise, or we can pick you up at your houseboat, campsite, dock slip, or boat ramp. We’ll get you geared up and then head out to have a one-of-a-kind guided fishing or photography trip on Lake Powell!

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