Personalized Guided Photography Workshops on Lake Powell

Our water-based photography workshops ensure you get the memorable experience that you came to Lake Powell for! We offer workshops for all levels of photography experience. No matter if photography is your hobby or your profession, we’ll take you to locations that make for incredible pictures.

When you book with Lake Powell Guide Service, we’ll take you to the landscapes and scenery that make you catch your breath on Lake Powell, but you’ll be the one to capture the moment. Not only do you get to enjoy your day on the lake, but you’ll be able to enjoy the pictures you take forever!

What to Bring on Your Lake Powell Photography Trip



Make sure to bring your camera! This is one trip you’ll want to bring your camera for. You’re more than welcome to use your handy phone camera or, if you’re a more serious shutterbug, you can bring more professional photography gear. Bring whatever camera suits you, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Waterproof Pouch/
Rain Sleeve

While it isn’t necessary, a waterproof pouch or rain sleeve will protect your camera from getting damaged if it comes into contact with water. Additionally, you can find some very affordable options online, so you can get protection from the elements at a good price.

See some more of our recommended items to take with you and how to prepare for one of our guided trips on our What to Expect page!

Photography Hot Spots at Lake Powell

Lake Powell is absolutely stunning. With the rich red rock walls, buoyant blues of the waters, and salmon sunrises, Lake Powell offers a kaleidoscopic landscape for pictures. We’ll get you on the water and to the scenic views that you can capture nowhere else!

Here are some of the most popular photography locations in Lake Powell. Do you have somewhere in mind? Let us know, and we’ll do what we can to get you there!


Rainbow Bridge
National Monument

This natural sandstone bridge is one of the major highlights of Glen Canyon. Rainbow Bridge is considered sacred in the Navajo culture, reflecting their deities responsible for creating clouds, rain, and rainbows.


Cathedral in the Desert

Cathedral in the Desert is beautiful, although how much of it you’ll be able to see will depend on the water elevation. This impressive stone structure has towering spires leading to a hole in the ceiling and a waterfall.


Forgotten Canyon

Forgotten Canyon has many great locations to take photographs. If you choose to, you can trek into Defiance House, the home to Puebloan ruins with wall paintings and pottery.


Photography Workshops with Lake Powell Guide Services

Take the perfect shot with a guided photography workshop from Lake Powell Guide Services! Our Captain has a wealth of knowledge about the lake—including the best places to take pictures. We’ll even take you to some lesser-known locations that will blow you away.

We want to make your experience on the lake a memorable one for all the reasons. We’ll visit some of the most unique landscapes in the nation and give you tips on how to compose a beautiful photo. Join us for an unforgettable photo session on the iconic waters of Lake Powell!

Book a workshop with us today or contact us to learn more about our services. We look forward to capturing the moment with you!