Things to Know Before Going to Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a popular getaway for people living in Utah and Arizona and for those visiting from across the world. It’s not hard to see why. The large lake boasts access to many activities, including swimming, kayaking, and boating. And, the beautiful red rock deserts of the area are ideal for camping, hiking, photography, and more.

There are many reasons to visit Lake Powell and many ways to customize a trip to your exact interests. But, if you’ve never been before, you might have questions about ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit.

To help you with your planning, Lake Powell Guide Service has put together a list of things you need to know before visiting Lake Powell

1. Remember that the Lake is Huge

When you’re planning various activities and adventures in the area, remember that things can be really spread out. The lake is around 185 miles from the dam, which doesn’t account for the dozens of canyons and outcroppings. So, be sure to map everything, and don’t just assume you’ll be able to get from place to place quickly.

2. Be Sure to Prepare

Because the lake is so large and many areas are more remote, it’s vital to prepare ahead of time. You’ll want to ensure you have enough gas for your boat and that you keep some emergency supplies with you. Some essentials to bring with you always include food, water, and extra clothes for bad weather. It’s also vital to have a way to contact or seek help in an emergency, such as flares or radio, as cell service isn’t a guarantee.

3. Renting Equipment or Planning an Excursion Can Improve Your Experience

If you don’t have a boat or much gear, you’ll probably have more fun if you plan to rent some. A houseboat is one of the best ways to experience Lake Powell, but camping is also a good, cheaper alternative. You could consider renting things like a kayak to have even more adventures.

Finally, if you’re unfamiliar with the area, setting up a guided fishing tour or camping trip can lead to the best experience.

4. There are Markers to Keep You From Getting Lost

When camping or hiking, it’s always vital to be careful that you don’t get lost. But, while this could also happen when you’re on the lake itself, there are many markers to help you keep track of where you are. So, even if this is your first visit, don’t get too scared of getting lost all the time.

Get Started With a Lake Powell Adventure

The best way to experience Lake Powell is to get assistance from experts in the area. Plan your next camping, fishing, or photography excursion with Lake Powell Guide Service for a truly memorable time. Contact us today to book your spot!